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Award-winning Windows calculator that includes nearly every feature imaginable, including
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16 April 2015

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This is a calculator tool on Windows.

Judy`s TenKey is a Windows calculator that is very popular. It is a feature rich application. To protect you from making mistakes, it offers multi-level undo. It uses sounds suitably. Auto number lock comes on easily so that number heavy entries become simple. The tool is versatile. One could use it as a simple accounting calculator or as a standard calculator or as a scientific calculator that can use reverse Polish notation (RPN). The calculator has the equivalent of a tape. All the results at different calculation steps are available. So you can scroll back and review the intermediate results to make out where the error might have happened. When you do find a problem, changes can be directly made on the tape and the tool will recalculate based on the changes done. A complete line could be added or deleted as required.

The lines to be reused can be highlighted and these will get saved. Entire tape can be saved too. The results could be copy-pasted to other applications. It is possible to let the application run through a document and it will find numbers that can be added up automatically. That can save you enormous amount of time and labor. It is possible to decide the interface layout. Irrespective of the layout you can access the function from the keyboard. You can set Judy`s TenKey to display the number of decimal positions you want. Often keyboards have dedicated key for launching a calculator. If you have one such, then when you strike the key it will launch this calculator rather than the default Windows calculator. Clicking sound on pushing a key is optional. This is a very good product.

Publisher's description

Judy's TenKey, winner of the Ziff Davis 'Desktop Accessory of the Year,' enables you to work faster and more reliably. Once you can see (and reuse!) the numbers in your calculations, you will never return to the default Windows calculator. If you're still using an old-fashioned desktop calculator, you'll love the integration Judy's TenKey gives you with your other Windows applications. Judy's TenKey provides nearly every feature imaginable, yet makes your experience simple and effortless.
TAPE: Records your calculations in a scrolling list which you can annotate, save, print, and resize (a real help in keeping track of your calculations). You can also modify tape entries, causing the tape to recalculate, or reuse previous entries in new calculations (saving typing and reducing errors).
FLEXIBILITY: Judy's TenKey can process numbers like a scientific calculator (RPN), an adding machine, or a normal calculator. If you are familiar with one and not another, you know how difficult and frustrating it can be to try to switch.
AND MORE: You can configure your TenKey display, selecting from tape, memory, statistics, functions, trignometry, finance, and number pad options. Supports automatic decimal insertion, auto-numlock, dedicated keyboard calculator key, red negative numbers, international formatting, item counter 'keep on top' for immediate access, and 'Tip of the Day' feature. Remembers your favorite screen position and displays itself there every time.
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Judy's TenKey
Judy's TenKey
Version 6.1.6
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